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Image-based AI recommendaiton optimized for fashion ecommerce sites

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Our customers includes fashion brands of all sizes employs industry-leading ML algorithms that aggregate style preferences, real-time buyer behavior, complete visitor profiles, and a lot more — specifically for fashion ecommerce scalability. excels at learning your products and customers, and converting visits into sales.

Average Click Through Rate Growth

297 %

Average Revenue Increase


2020 Stat based on hundreds of merchants evaluation data

Average Order Value Rise

200 %

On average our customers triple their click through rate and double their order value

Every shopper's experience is unique and so should your website. That is why creates individual profiles for each visitor and allows you to show the most relevant products to the right shopper which greatly increases conversions, even for first-time visitors.

Personalize your store for every shopper

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Fashion has always been a challenge to traditional recommendation engines. The team of fashion and AI experts solved this by building an AI that is able to visually recognize hundreds of in-depth fashion attributes from your product images.

Make image-based fashion recommendations's personalized profiles integrate with your email, SMS, chat apps and in-app marketing campaigns. This allows the most relevant products to be delivered to the right customer and drives traffic back to your site.

Launch smart personalized ecommerce marketing campaigns

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Our mission is to empower fashion ecommerce merchants of all sizes. lets merchants understand the language of fashion just as the Rosetta Stone enables archeologists to understand Egyptian hieroglyphs.

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